Team Leaders and Leaders by School
Crystal Maxwell,  team  leader, Coronado High School
Team Leader Crystal has been a Young Life Leader since 2012.  She currently attends UNLV, majoring in Kisesology.  Crystal's hobbies include learning how to cook and bake, hiking, working out, and running.  Her favorite color is blue.    

Crystal leads these Coronado High School Leaders:  
Leaders:  Darren Klaharn, Dalton Willis

Parker Giordano, team leader, Green Valley and
Foothill High Schools
     Team Leader Parker has been a Young Life Leader since 
     2012. He currently attends UNLV, majoring in Psychology.      
     His hobbies include snowboarding and video games. Parker's
     favorite color is blue and Jack-in-the-Box is his favorite fast
     food restaurant.

 Parker leads these Green Valley High School and Foothill High School Leaders: 
 Hanna Andersen, Jessica Terrones, Jorge Muniz

Ashley Pi,  Team  leader, Western High School
  Team Leader Ashley has been a Young Life Leader since
  2014.  Her hobbies include rock climbing, babies, journals,
  reading, and traveling.  Ashley's favorite candy is sea salt
  caramel chocolates and her favorite fast food restaurants
  include Cafe Rio and Chick-fil-A.

  Ashley's husband, Michael, is a Young Life Staff Associate and Area-Director-in-
  Training and assists her in a leading capacity at Western High School.  His past
  experience in Young Life began in student staff and as a team leader at Coronado
  and Western High Schools.
Michael's hobbies include music, outdoor activities,
  and education.  His favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A.

  Ashley leads these Western High School Leaders: 
  David Mateos, Oscar Casas, Francisco Carmona, Gustavo Vera

Chris Perrine, team leader, Wyldlife (middle schools)
   Team Leader Chris has been a Young Life Leader since
   2008.  He is a UNLV alumnus, having earned a degree in
   Athletic Training.  His hobbies are running, hiking, and
   camping.  Chris's favorite color is blue and his favorite
   candies are Snickers and Twix.
 Chris leads these WyldLife (middle school) Leaders: 

 Dakota Schoeffel, Callie Claridy, Athena Soltero
For more information about the Leaders who support Team Leaders
at local high schools and middle schools, please visit the Club page.

Leader News

2017 Leader Draft Picks!

After ten weeks of rigorous training, a practical, exam, and panel interview, the team leaders met together to pray and decide where each leader would thrive. We then held our first ever NFL style Young Life Leader Draft!


     We had the privilege of placing three high school-aged students on our Wyldlife team and three college-aged leaders on our high school teams.



     We are so proud of our new leaders and all the work they have done throughout their training. They will be working closely with their teams, continuing to learn, while building relationships and trust with students.


     Pray for these new leaders as they walk onto campuses this year, modeling the life of Christ to students in the valley.

Leader Meetings

Working with volunteers is an opportunity to do the work Jesus did in His three years of public ministry.

Staff Associate and Area Director-in- training, Michael Pi, meets regularly with volunteer leaders twice a month on Sundays.

Michael facilitates meetings and discusses topics such as:

  • Prayer strategy,
  • Club,
  • Campaigners
  • Camp,
  • Area events, and
  • Fundraising

Training is an important part of meetings.

As needed, Michael updates leaders regarding the area and meets with leaders individually to provide guidance.
​leader covenant
Those who serve as leaders in Young Life Southeast Las Vegas commit to a Leader Covenant, which in part, includes:

  • Having a personal relationship with God.

  • Attending and having membership in a local church

  • Attending and being on time for club, campaigners, and leaders meetings

  • Doing contact work

  • Attending summer camp, weekend camp, and leader weekend

  • Resolving conflict with another leader or team leader according to rules

  • Living above reproach so that our ministry is not discredited

  • Following Young Life's driving policies

  • Leading for two years

We appreciate and value our leaders! 
Each month, one of our leaders will be featured in this column.  Get to know more about our leaders who go out there and do an outstanding job working with kids.

Now Featuring...
Hanna Andersen


Hanna has been a leader since 2015.  She attends UNLV, majoring in Urban Studies.  Hanna's hobbies are watching movies, trying new coffee shops, and spending time with her dog.



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