Making An Impact

How We Impact the Lives of Kids
Young Life is a group of caring adults who makes an impact by going where kids are, winning the right to be heard, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  The Young Life mission is committed to incarnational witness:  embodying and expressing the love of Christ through relationships with all kinds of kids:
Making an Impact in the Lives of Middle School Kids
WyldLife is our outreach to middle school kids.
Making an Impact in the Lives of High School Kids
 Young Life is for those in their high school years.
Making an Impact in the Lives of College Students
 Young Life College, our program for college and university students.
Here in Southeast Las Vegas, our history is rich and our future is promising.  We are a group of adults who continue to be committed to the historic Young Life mission:  befriending kids and allowing them to take a good look at the Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are active in various high schools and middle schools in the area, and every day, we strive to make a difference in the lives of kids by sharing the Good News of the Gospel with them.
Here's an Example of How Young Life Southeast
Las Vegas is Reaching Kids

John's Story

John came to the attention of Young Life about two years ago.  He was a student at a local
high school.  His reputation at school was that if you wanted drugs, he was the one to go to. One afternoon, John walked into our Club room and you could tell there was discomfort from some of the kids in the room...and John felt a bit uncomfortable, too.

After club was over, John and I talked for a while.  He asked a few tough questions about my faith, some of which were definitely pointed to mock my faith, but I got the chance to sit and share some truths about Jesus with him as I took him home. I told him about the redeeming love of Christ, and the fact that he was loved more than he could imagine by the God of the universe.  He asked me to wait outside of his house after I dropped him off, and he ran back out with some money to pay for camp.

Over the next few weeks, John and I talked some more.  Two days before camp, John gave his life to Christ.  I could instantly see a change in who he was, and the excitement he had to be at a camp where people he knew would get to hear about the Jesus he had just met days before.

John is now a Young Life leader at a local high school.  He has been mentoring and bringing life-changing events to kids who used to call him to get a fix. We are honored to have John as a leader and have been floored by God’s ability to reach the farthest-most out there students to create men and women of faith.

There are more stories like John's.  Some endings are yet to be written.  Our job is
to help mobilize adults to step out of their comfort zone, take kids like John
seriously, and share in word and deed the love of Jesus Christ.

Would you consider how you might come alongside us in our
mission to reach kids like John?

We're convinced that your life will never be the same if you decide
to see yourself as part of the wonderful stories
waiting to be written.

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